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You guys dont know how much I’ve been waiting to bring this news to you! After all the ups and downs, ENE has today CONFIRMED that the director’s dvd will happen! There is a notice also on their site.

There are plans to re-record the commentary so that our 4 main actors will appear together doing the commentary. The tentative release date will also be pushed back to February.

Please keep an eye out on the blog again as I will be updating as new info comes through! I will also provide a translated guide on how to make your preorder shortly.


Fight for a dcut is still in process!

Hey guys, i know i havent said anything for 2 weeks now but it doesnt mean that the dcut is a lost cause! The reason I havent updated is that the situation in Korea has been going back and forth for the past 2 weeks. After all the negative feedback that ENE received, they approached the cafe admins and said “Let’s not fight.” They apparently have been in discussions with KBS about a director’s cut and told us that the dcut is as good as confirmed but because there are 3 companies involved (ENE, Lemon Rain, KBS), there are various issues which need to be resolved before they can make any official announcements. Now 2 weeks down the track and they say that it seems like they will not be able to make any official announcements until december.

HOWEVER, yesterday it was revealed on cine21 through an interview with Yoo Ah In that he had ALREADY RECORDED THE COMMENTARY for the dvd. Now this is where it gets complicated.

Now as we know, everyone wants and expects the commentary to be recorded together with the 4 mains together with the director. And with the current state things are in, where there are no official announcements or confirmation from ENE, fans have found out through another media outlet that the production of the dvd has already started. And with the commentary being done separately. Now it’s obvious that ENE was trying to hide this fact but unfortunately for them it got out. The admin from the ENE site had a discussion with the cafe admins in the chatroom (transcript can be found in korean on the cafe) over this matter. ENE states that they did not intend to record the commentary separately but was going to do the interview first but somehow on the interview day, the people present decided to record the commentary as well. ENE states that they did not know in advance and had absolute no control over the matter. (VERY FUNNY. AS IF.) Even after this incident happened, ENE did NOT inform the cafe admins or anyone and was only forced to address this issue when it became publicised in the cine21 interview, leaving fans waiting for the dvd stunned and speechless.

ENE further said that there is NO RULE that for a director’s cut dvd, that the actors must record the commentary together. That their standard is different. That whether it is a director’s cut or an uncut dvd, it doesnt affect the commentary.

It seems that the fight and happenings with this company is endless. As far as I know, ENE intends to have Yoochun record his commentary with Joongki and Jun tae su and Yoo Ah In seems to have recorded it already with Park Min Young. ENE continues to change what they say and keeps saying “I think you guys misunderstood what we said but-“. Fans are unhappy because ENE keeps changing their word and seems to just want some fast cash. (Who said a dcut wouldnt take time??)  They are still pushing for a January release it seems. Up til now, they still have not made any official announcements and want the cafe to do the dirty work for them (break the news to fans that the commentary has been carried out separately).

What a mess. All I can say now is that I will keep you posted if there are any updates.


Clarification about DVD (2) [10th Nov 2010]

I have come to know that there is a site (hopefully not sites!!) who claims to be taking in preorders for a Sungkyunkwan Scandal Director’s Cut DVD. May I stress again, there is NO CONFIRMATION OF A DIRECTOR’S CUT DVD AT PRESENT. The list of contents written on the site is only the uncut version dvd by ENE.

Things are happening at the moment and hopefully I will have some good news very soon. The light at the end of the road is getting brighter, so please hang in there for just awhile longer!

Clarification about DVD [8th Nov 2010] (Edited)

As some of you may or may not know, there was an article in the korean news today about KBS releasing a director’s cut dvd for Sungkyunkwan Scandal in December.

We have contacted KBS and they said that this article is NOT TRUE. HOWEVER, KBS states that they are CONSIDERING a director’s cut dvd. Now, this may be confusing, but if this director’s cut does happen, it is likely that it will be a separate project with another production company (not ENE). So in other words, ENE has confirmed that they will be releasing an uncut SKKS dvd and now there is hope that there will be a separate dcut as well.

Through this news, we have been able to confirm that ENE was lying from day 1. Reason is that ENE said that they had discussed with KBS about making a dcut but in fact, KBS has confirmed that they never had any such discussion.

So in conclusion, may I please advise that any of you who were planning to preorder the uncut anyway hold your horses and see how this turns out. Everything is still uncertain but we are trying our best to make a dcut happen and it seems there is some finally some hope of it coming true now.







Only a few hours later and the article has been changed! Now it says that an uncut version will be released next year. Wahahahahha hilarious isnt it??

I tell you an even funnier thing.. after the initial article about the dcut came out, ENE contacted the cafe admin and asked whether she had seen it – that this was proof that they were trying to get a dcut.


It is with a heavy heart that I write this..

I thought long and hard before deciding to write this post… but I know some people have already heard bits and pieces here and there or have speculated that something is not quite right. If any of you who understand korean have been keeping an eye on the daum cafe or the ene site, you may have noticed that there is a bit of a crisis happening at the moment. I wont elaborate on all the details because it will only make things even more complicated but I will try to explain the situation to the best of my knowledge to the best of my ability.

If we rewind back to about a week or so ago, this is what happened. A bunch of SKKS fans decided to start a daum cafe with the intention of petitioning for and making the reality of a SKKS director’s cut dvd come true. At the same time, the production company ENE had signed a contract with Lemon Rain (company which holds copyrights to SKKS) to produce a SKKS dvd. ENE created a website for the SKKS dvd, a first for any korean drama series. While the daum cafe was quickly gathering applications for a dcut dvd, ENE came to know of the cafe’s existence and contacted the cafe admins for help to work together. During a meeting between the 2 parties, ENE said although their plans was to release a premium version dvd, but if the cafe could collect 2500 applications for a dcut, then they would change their plans and switch to a dcut instead.

So the process of application collection began. However on the night of the broadcast of ep 20, ENE made a notice on their website announcing that they would be releasing an ‘Uncut’ version of the dvd. In their description of the dvd, they emphasised that there is not a huge difference between a dcut and an uncut version. They stated that there would also be commentary by the actors, interviews and making videos. They opened 3 sites for fans to preorder and set a deadline for the 21st November [yes less than 3 weeks from the last broadcast date] with a tentative release date of January 2011 [and they stress they are striving for a ‘quality’ dvd with 2-3 months production]. They also stated that the first 1000 ppl to make their preorders would receive a special gift.

However from my previous post, you can see there is a difference between a dcut and an ‘uncut’ version. When asked about whether the actors would be doing the commentary together, their answer was “That’s what we are planning but if we cant work around the schedules then there’s nothing we can do right?” Just from this simple statement, we can see they are being misleading. [Because I have dealt with this company from the You’re Beautiful dcut days, I know just how trustworthy they are *sarcasm*. During the YB days, many complications happened behind the scenes, but because they were solved in the end, I never let them surface.] It is obvious that they are trying to make the ‘uncut’ sound like a dcut.

In the notice, ENE also stated that if preorders + applications would reach 2500, then a dcut would be possible. They said that even if people were to make preorders now for the uncut version, later on if it was to change to a dcut, then these people would automatically be upgraded to the dcut with no extra cost. People were encouraged to make the upfront payment to make the numbers. [With such content in their notice, it is only natural for people to think that if they could reach 2500, then it would automatically switch to a dcut right?]

At around the same time, a notice was posted on the cafe saying that ENE has promised that if applications reached 2500 there would be a dcut (this was from the meeting with ENE). ENE contacted the admins and said “When did I say that it would be definite? I only said that there would be a POSSIBILITY of a dcut if 2500 was reached. Even if you get 100000 names, if the director says no, then we cant make a director’s cut.” [But everytime we ask him, have you asked the director? He avoids the question]  However because ENE’s notice was written in such a misleading way, many people preordered and made a payment, thinking that if the numbers reached 2500, there would be a dcut.

There are misunderstandings floating around at the moment which accuse the cafe of coming up with the number ‘2500’ and requesting ENE to make a dcut if 2500 was reached but in fact ENE has admitted that they are the one who came up with the the number ‘2500’, telling them to aim for 2500 if they wanted a dcut.

Following on from this, you would think that ENE is just waiting for the numbers to be filled right? But the answer to that is no. There have been several conversations between the cafe and ENE over the past week and it is OBVIOUS that ENE has no intention of releasing a dcut and probably did not have one from the beginning – from the statement about the commentary to the statement about how everything depends on the director, you can tell that they are not serious about releasing a dcut. If they were seriously considering the possibility of a dcut, they would not be rushing and pushing people to make payments within a few weeks for a rushed release. A dcut would take perhaps a few more months to make so if they seriously thought about making one, why couldnt they wait for another few weeks when 2000 names have already been collected in a week? On top of this, the funniest thing I’ve heard all week is this:-

“Collecting applications now is meaningless” [ENE]

When the cafe admins asked what they meant by that, ENE replied that there was something but they could not reveal it.

[*Sarcastic laugh*]

Actually here’s something even more pathetic:-

Cafe admin: “We are trying our hardest to make a dcut possible. We will definitely not give up on making a dcut” (This was what an ENE admin wrote on the ENE site on friday) What does this message left by the website admin mean? I thought that the ‘uncut’ version has been confirmed already.

ENE: Yes, the uncut version has been confirmed. I dont know either about that message. Where is it on the site?

Cafe admin: It was written on the ENE website by the web admin.

ENE: I dont know about that either.

*You-have-gotta-be-kidding look*

I know this is a long post and the string of events may be confusing. Some of you may also formulate your own opinions about the matter. But what I state here is the view that the daum cafe admins and I share. I know that ENE is a production company and they are not out to perform charity but make money. But I am just a fan. I am not here to sell anyone anything for my benefit. To some, whether it is a dcut or an uncut may not really matter. As long as there is something, it’s better than nothing. What really gets me with this current situation though are the tactics, tricks and lies the production company have used to take advantage of the pure passion of SKKS fans. If they stated from day one that they would be releasing an uncut version and that there would be no dcut, then there would be no controversy. The fact that they have tried to give empty promises and false hopes; tried to mislead fans and denying what they have said angers me. And even to this minute, what they say is still not clear. Moreover it is discouraging and tiring to go through and put up with this. Like I said, we are only fans of the drama who want to spread the love, we are not working under anyone so we dont deserve to be accused of anything [Can you believe that ENE rang up one of the cafe admins and screamed at her saying she was wrecking everything?]

As a result of this controversy and seeming lack of reliability, many fans who have made payments have cancelled their orders. The ENE website at the moment is flooded with requests for cancellation. I am not sure where we are heading but at the moment there is still a push by fans for a dcut so we will just wait and see what happens next. In the meantime, if you like, you can still send through your applications [just in case we need them]

This has been a mentally tiring and stressful week for me and all people involved. Lets pray that something good comes out of this.



Update about DVD [3rd Nov 2010]

First of all, please read this post carefully. As the situation now will be quite confusing to some, if you have any queries, please make sure you leave your question here and I will answer it to the best I can.

As I mentioned earlier, ENE media has announced that they will be releasing an ‘Uncut’ version DVD. This is NOT the same as a director’s cut dvd. According to ENE, this ‘Uncut’ version will continue scenes which were edited out, actors’ interviews, commentary and NGs. Because of this, many korean fans are now confused as to the difference between the two. I dare say this description of the ‘Uncut’ version is intentionally misleading to encourage people to preorder now and pay upfront. ENE is now taking payment for preorders for this ‘Uncut’ version via a few sites and the deadline has been set for 21st November 2010. They have also stated that the first 1000 ppl to preorder will get a ‘special gift’

Here are some questions that everyone may have

(1) So what IS the difference between this ‘Uncut’ version and a director’s cut?

A director’s cut and ‘Uncut’ version are vastly different. A director’s cut dvd is one where the director re-edits the whole 20 episodes of the drama from episode 1 to 20. The background music, parts which the director felt was lacking, scenes which fans wanted or did not want.. with all these considerations, the director will re edit the whole drama and insert the scenes which were edited out due to running time restraints to make the drama more complete.

For dcuts such as You’re beautiful and Tamra island, the duration of each episode was made alot longer than the version broadcasted. ENE has stated that this ‘Uncut’ version will be similar but it seems misleading and incorrect. A dcut dvd includes commentary by the actors and director on the most memorable scenes, extra videos (making videos, NGs which were not seen on kbs homepage) and will include content reflecting what FANS want (as i said before, dcuts are fan requested dvds).

For example for the You’re beautiful dcut dvd, the extra vids included the concert and an extra 28 making videos. On top of that, the director himself re-edited the background music himself. Because it takes alot of work to re edit the whole series, that is why usually dcut take a few months to be released. In the case of the ‘Uncut’ version however, because editing is not performed by the director himself, noone knows how the finished product will turn out. The scenes will just be inserted where they appear in the script. As a result this version can be released alot quicker.

Another important note about the commentary – for a dcut, commentary is carried out and recorded with the main cast and director seated at the same place TOGETHER where they discuss and comment on the most memorable scenes of the drama. In the case of the ‘Uncut’ dvd, it is highly likely that this ‘commentary’ will be carried out more in an interview fashion where the actors will be interviewed separately about certain scenes in the drama.

(2) So what can I do to help make the director’s cut become a reality?

The 3 related bodies – KBS media, Lemon Rain and ENE media have met up and decided to firstly confirm the production of an ‘Uncut’ version dvd. While this is happening, if the number of fans requesting for a director’s cut dvd  reaches a certain amount of ppl, then the possibility of them upgrading to a director’s cut dvd is high. That is why the initial intended release date for December has been pushed back to January 2011.

In other words, in order to make the director’s cut a reality, we really need everyone interested to send through your details and show them the amount of people who want a dcut. Doesnt everyone want to see our Jalgeum quartet sitting together in the same room talking and laughing about what happened behind the scenes? (I for one need a Yoonhee-Sunjoon fix already TT talk about withdrawal ><)

The magic number is 2500. Let’s make it happen people.

(3) So why is ENE receiving payment for preorders now?

At the moment, ENE has already signed a contract with SKKS’ production company to produce a SKKS dvd. So whether the dvd is a dcut or an ‘Uncut’ version, it is understandable that they want to start receiving payment for preorders in order to confirm numbers. This is something which us, as fans have no control over.

For those who put through a payment now for the ‘Uncut’ version, if the dvd is upgraded to a director’s cut later on, you will directly be getting a director’s cut dvd. However, please keep in mind that at the moment, there is NO GUARANTEE that it will become a dcut.

When the number of ppl who make a payment PLUS the number of ppl requesting a dcut reaches 2500, that’s when the dcut will become a reality. IF you have sent me an email BUT decide you want to make a payment for the ‘Uncut’ version first anyway, please email me so I can take you off the list in order to avoid doubling of numbers.

(4) ENE states that the first 1000 ppl to make payment will receive a special gift??

First of all, noone knows what this special gift is. Secondly, even if you dont get into the first 1000 ppl, just by preordering the dcut (if it comes into being) which is a limited edition dvd anyway, you will be getting special item(s) which are exclusive only to this first batch anyway. Thirdly, i HIGHLY doubt that they will send anything valuable or worthy of collection to overseas fans. Speaking from personal experience (and others who ordered the YB dcut will tell you this as well), overseas fans did not get the rare items. This is inevitable as they are not going to send something big and heavy overseas which will cost them huge amounts of money. So this so called special gift for the early birds is in fact quite useless to overseas fans.

(5) So what about the price?

The price has been set to 121 000 won (please check the exchange rate to convert to your currency). The price will not change even if the ‘Uncut’ version is upgraded to a dcut. The 5% discount is offered for all who make the preorders and make payment now but this should be the same even if you were to order a dcut later on.

(6) I dont know whether I should make an upfront payment for the ‘Uncut’ version or apply for the dcut and wait a bit longer

This is my personal opinion but I would wait a bit and see. The number of applications are growing by the minute. There are over 1600 names (Korea and overseas combined) at the moment. I believe it is not that hard to get another 900 names. This is not to say that you will not need to make a payment at all in the near future. Because of the deadlines which have been set by ENE, this matter should be sorted out by mid November. If we can reach 2500 before then, then the transition to a dcut will be much faster and more efficient.

(7) Will there be english subs??

As far as I know, there should be english subs. ENE have stated there will be but there has been no official announcement yet. I will update on this part as soon as  I have more confirmed info.


Now i understand that some of you may want to get the dvd even if it is an ‘Uncut’ version. If that’s the case, please email me and I will direct you to the place to do so. At the moment it is slightly difficult because even after preordering and making the payment, you must leave your details on the ENE SKKS homepage for confirmation that your payment has been received. The stupid thing is that this is all in korean.

Depending on the number of ppl who want to go ahead with the payment, I might post a tutorial. At the moment I dont want to post all the links here because I think it will make things even more confusing. If you are curious, you may go and have a look at the ENE SKKS website (the links to preordering sites are all there but yeah, email me if you want to preorder and dont understand korean).


ps here is a vid made by ENE with the cast of SKKS saying “SKKS dvd fighting!”

More info coming shortly!

Things are moving quickly in korea and ENE has announced they will be producing a ‘Uncut’ version of the dvd. However, they have promised if the number of people who are interested in a dcut reaches 2500, they will switch from this ‘Uncut’ version of the dvd. There are alot of details coming in so I will translate and explain the difference between a director’s cut dvd and this ‘Uncut’ version + all the details involved. If you hear anything about the dvd elsewhere and are confused, dont worry, I will clear that up. I will update by tomorrow so please watch this space.

But for now, the most most most important thing is still your names. That list really has to grow! Aja aja fighting!!

PS. I have been receiving alot of ppl’s suggestions for the dvd via email, please post them under the related post so everyone can read them too!

Newest update about the dvd

First of all, a dvd has been confirmed but it has not been confirmed whether it is a director’s cut or not. After the meeting with ENE, it seems that they want to either release it as a normal version or release it as a PREMIUM VERSION rather than a director’s cut. What’s the difference you may ask?

A normal version will just have the 20 episodes which were broadcasted. A premium version may or may not have some scenes which were edited out separately, but not combined into the actual 20 episodes. On top of that there will be no interviews of the actors, no commentary and mostly likely no NGs. It’s also possible that there may be a combination and they release a normal version with some extra vids. Whichever it is, the contents will be nowhere near as rich as a director’s cut.

It seems that ENE is reluctant to make a director’s cut and it seems for them to consider having a dcut dvd, we would need at least 3000 ppl on the list for them to consider. (They even dare challenge us to get 5000 names if we could!!!Implied that if we can get 5000 names THEN we can request them to do anything we like. HOW DARE YOU ENE *angry*) There are many complications going on at the moment but hopefully these will be cleared up over the next week or so.

What we need now are people’s names. Tell them we want a director’s cut!!!!! Tell them we want to see the four of them sitting in the same room as Yoochun, Minyoung, Joongki, Ahin and talking and laughing to each other about the filming. Tell them we want to hear them talk about their experiences and thoughts while filming SKKS. Tell them we want to see what else was supposed to happen but was never shown.

Hope to see alot more emails coming through soon.


Most memorable scenes/lines, suggestions and questions to director/cast


Our new pic on the front page on the dvd cafe… isnt it pretty??^^


Things are happening quickly in Korea as the koreans have over 1000 names on their list now (ahhhh where are the overseas fans?? ><)

Some uncertain loose ends need to be tied up in Korea though but I should be able to come up with an announcement soon within the next day. Watch this space^^

The company who hold copyrights to SKKS have passed the ball to ENE for the production of the SKKS dvd (Yes this is the same company who produced the director’s cut dvd for You’re Beautiful and over the past year, they have also produced the dcut for Prosecutor Princess, Chuno, Pasta, Personal Taste and the special edition dvd for Cinderella’s sister). There will be a meeting today from a representative from the dvd cafe with ENE so I should be able to confirm whether it is going to be dcut very soon (by the looks of it it is).

It is still absolutely essential for overseas fans to show their interest to ensure ENGLISH SUBTITLES. So please do send me an email if you’re interested if you have not done so already.

In the meantime, as for all dcuts, your opinion as a SKKS fan is needed for the production of a good dvd that fans will be satisfied with. So please list:-

(1) Your most memorable scenes and lines (for the commentary)

(2) Things you would like to see to be included in a dcut dvd

(3) questions you have for the director or the members of the cast (for interview)

Please register your interest now!

If you’re unsure as to what the whole deal is about, please read the ‘About’ page first of all to get an idea of what is involved with a director’s dvd.

As we are still in the early stages, at the moment, there is NO CONFIRMATION that there will be a dcut dvd. Following on from that, no content is confirmed nor prices nor payment methods or anything else.

BUT if you will be interested in buying one copy if a director’s cut dvd was to be made, please send me your details. I hope to collect as many names as possible to make the numbers.

Please send me details really only if you think you will buy one. Because if it goes through I might contact you if necessary about ordering details.

Please send the following info to

(1) nickname

(2) Real name (full name please)

(3) email address

(4) number of copies you would buy

I will update the list of names (nicknames) in the ‘list’ section. If you send me an email but dont see your name there after a day, please leave a msg here

Feel free to leave any questions you may have and please help to spread the word! I will update any news about the progress of the dvd here!