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Important notice regarding preorders – please read carefully!

It just has to be complicated, doesnt it?

I know many of you have been waiting for news on how to preorder and for more details on the DVD itself but it seems that ENE does not want to communicate with fans and seems to be IGNORING the existence of overseas fans.

First of all, as I mentioned, there is no mention of preordering for overseas fans in the latest notice by ENE. The only information is for korean fans and it directs them to interpark, yes24 etc. Previously overseas fans were able to make orders via innolife and yesasia but ENE makes no mention of preordering info via those sites on their website anymore. The deadline for the preorder in Korea is 15th January 2011 but this info is also not stated on innolife or yesasia. Even after the news that the director’s cut has been confirmed, ENE has not made any updates on the contents of the dvd.

The biggest issues that the Korean fans are focusing on now are regarding the commentary and the special package for preordering fans. Previously it was confirmed by ENE that somehow Yoo Ah In had already recorded the interview and commentary by himself. There has been much dispute over this and in the latest replies from ENE, they say they will work hard to try to get all 4 together, at least Yoochun and Minyoung together. But at this stage they say they cannot confirm this.

The 2nd issue is the special package. Usually in Korea, for a dcut release, for ALL preorders there is a special package offered that wold not be available to those who decide to purchase the DVD later on after it is released (eg for You’re Beautiful, there was a poster, a random gift, a personalised ANJELL fanclub membership card with fan’s name). For many dramas in the past, the dcut was exclusive to preordering customers and it wouldnt even be available afterwards. However in the case with SKKS (and looking at ENE’s releases this year), it is probable that they will continue to sell this dvd even afterwards. Anyway, as you know, previously ENE had promised that that the first 1000 people who preordered the uncut version would get a special ‘gift’ (still dont know what it is though). However, following from what I said before, everyone who makes the preorder now should also be offered some sort of special package. But ENE has stated that they have no plans for one.  This has obviously made the korean fans not very happy. The admins at the korean cafe argued that many fans have refrained from making a preorder because they were waiting for a confirmation for the dcut, and that’s why they did not make payment before the 21st November. To this, ENE states that they will consider offering the fans a special package if the cafe admins can give them a list of people who will definitely be preordering.

So, this is what is happening now:-

(1) The korean daum cafe has decided that they will be taking payment personally from fans who want to preorder but are holding out because ENE is not offering a special package

(2) Because it is too difficult for overseas fans to transfer money to Korea and I understand many people will feel uncomfortable sending money in this way, we have decided that only Korean fans will be making the deposits. HOWEVER,

(3) it doesnt mean that overseas fans should just sit and wait but rather, we need to also create a list for those would definitely buy. The list of applications from overseas fans has somewhat stopped at 200. WE NEED TO MAKE THIS NUMBER BIGGER in order for us to have any negotiating power. So PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. To those interested in buying and have not send your details to me already, please send me your nickname/real name/email address/copies you would buy – to

(4) The deadline for us to gather as many names as possible has been set for 31st DECEMBER 2010. As the cut off date for ENE is 15th January 2011, it would be better for us to have 2 weeks or so to present the list (and money received from korean fans) to ENE in order to negotiate. The most optimal scenario is that we present everything to ENE after the 31st December, negotiations are ok and everyone will have 2 weeks to place the order and make the payment.


I know there are many people who may find all this a bit too overwhelming and cannot be bothered with this. I myself am struggling working 6-7 days a week and I am writing this now at 3:47am when I have work tomorrow. We are fans, yes, but we are also consumers and I think as consumers, we need to be clear what we are getting and get what we are entitled to. If you decide to go ahead and just pay obviously you can, but seeing what ENE has been doing all this time, I feel uncomfortable handing over my money to them without them addressing our requests and entitlements. I mean, there’s no mention even on their site of yesasia or innolife! Through various conversations with ENE from the daum cafe, ENE has questioned us again and again why there are only 200 people overseas interested in the DVD. It seems that they have now seemed to disregard our existence because 200 people is not much compared to the 2000 in korea (For You’re beautiful dcut, we had close to 1000 overseas preorders). I have stressed many times to them that the situation overseas is very different to Korea as people are from all over the world, it’s not as simple as someone transferring money into an account because we are much more wary when we make transactions online. This is also the reason why I feel quite helpless in this situation – the only thing that we can do is to try to gather as many people as possible.


So in conclusion, what we are asking now is

(1) Your details – nickname/real name/email/no. of copies you would buy; to if you have not done so already

(2) Spread the word!


7 responses to “Important notice regarding preorders – please read carefully!

  1. tvxq_luv December 18, 2010 at 7:16 am

    sigh, ENE is such a bitch. while they have 2000 willing to buy in korea, theres bound to be more than a tenth of that in THE WHOLE WORLD, and obv they cant see that and just ignore us oversea fans, ugh.

    but thank u cecilia for working so hard on this, i hope ENE will stop being a bum and realise the existance of oversea fans =__=

  2. lizzyd December 19, 2010 at 3:25 am

    Thanks for working so hard on this. What if we would only buy if they agree to our request? Should we still email you?

  3. Estelle December 19, 2010 at 8:26 am

    I’m interested in the d-cut but still a bit hesitant because of the lack of info about it. ENE does seem like a real pain to deal with.

    Do we know roughly how many “deleted” scenes will be edited in? I ordered the You’re Beautiful D-Cut solely based on the 2 hours of unseen footage and would do the same for SKK but wouldn’t do it for 30 minutes or so of new footage.

    • scandaldvd December 21, 2010 at 1:15 am

      hmmm ENE hasnt really released any info about anything really
      thats why we’re sort of trying to strike and negotiate with them
      this is the problem, it seems they dont really care about what fans want or the consumers, they just want to get a dvd out there and get ppl to buy

      • Estelle December 21, 2010 at 8:16 am

        That’s what I gathered from your posts. It seems like they’re taking advantage of the fans’ need for a d-cut. They’re banking on the fact they’ll want one no matter what and adopted a “we don’t care because you’ll buy it anyway” attitude. It’s unbelievable that they’re discouraging people who want to *legally* buy their products. I hope they won’t have the gall to be surprised when the dvd finds itself online and heaps of people download the episodes because they gave up on buying the dvds.

        It must be hell trying to negociate with them. Thank you for all the work you’re doing for us. Do not worry too much if it looks like negiciations are hitting a wall. It’s hard to come to an agreement with such companies.

  4. ステフ January 8, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    Oh nooooo! I came too late ;A; I saw the preorder on yesasia and I was just waiting for that, until I came across this blog! ;O Can it only be bought from the korean daum cafe? If so, what’s the diff between the one bought from the korean daum cafe and yesasia? /confused. Sorry for asking so many questions!!! And thank you so much for taking time to do this ;A;

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