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Preorder Info not yet available

I did say that I would post instructions on how to preorder the DVD in the previous post but actually there is no confirmed info at the moment.

Before the director’s cut was confirmed, ENE was taking preorders for the uncut version up til the end of november and so on the ENE site, the preorder section also says that it has ended. However, because it has been changed to a director’s cut, the release date has been pushed back to february and as a result, the preorders will also open again and another deadline will be set. ENE will make notices as soon as they finalise details and start taking preorder payments again. I would restrain from ordering anywhere online for now until further instructions are released.

Thanks for your patience!


4 responses to “Preorder Info not yet available

  1. jaeshinah December 14, 2010 at 7:17 am


    just thought you’d like to know that ENE has preorder info up, as of 12/13/10

    i would translate this myself on YAI Haven but I thought it would be easier to have all information regarding the SKKS dvd consolidated in one place for foreign fans… hope this helps =)

    • scandaldvd December 15, 2010 at 11:51 am

      unfortunately, the notice at ENE only addresses korean preorders and makes no mention of overseas
      Actually there is another dispute between ENE and dvd cafe atm (yes, yet again) because ENE has stated that there will be no special package for the ppl who make the preorder now (the first 1000 ppl who preordered the uncut version were promised a special gift but actually usually for all dcuts when preordering, there is always a special gift or package of some sort whcih will not be available later on when the normal version gets mass produced. But ENE have stated that there wont be anything. Also they are still hesitant to promise the commentary being re-recorded)
      This is the reason i havent said anything about preordering.. so complicated ><

      • jaeshinah December 15, 2010 at 2:53 pm

        omg… ENE why are you like this!! T___T

        a couple questions… this says there will be a 명장면 배우/감독 코멘터리… does this not imply that the commentary will be with the director and all the actors simultaneously? i thought it did, but I could be totally wrong, so I just wanted to ask^^

        also, the yes24 and kyobo order pages say 해외배송가능. so you don’t have to go through ENE at all, unless you want to do 50-50 분할 납부 which no foreign fans can do, anyway. if someone made a tutorial for how to order on yes24/kyobo, could foreign fans order that way to avoid going through ENE’s website? the 분할 납부 is so much more complicated -__-

        thanks for all your hard work, always!!

      • scandaldvd December 15, 2010 at 3:00 pm

        yes there’s no confirmation that it’s done together…everything is still not confirmed
        and yes 24 and kyobo, they are just pathways that ENE is using to receive money so actually it’s the same

        it’s so complicated

        i need to write up a notice soon about all this.. there’s more going on atm ><

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